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1) What is [ profile] mamaslilcyborg's shoe size? [Ten, perhaps?]
2) What mental disorder does [ profile] billykaplan remind you of? [DENIAL.]
3) What word best describes [ profile] cute_hats? [Energetic.]
4) Does [ profile] mamaslilcyborg smoke? [Only if he is malfunctioning.]
5) Are [ profile] arsenic_oldlace and [ profile] burningpainting going out? [No.]
6) Do you think [ profile] runawaywitch is hot? [She is not really my type, but she is attractive.]
7) Have you ever dated [ profile] notahawkingbird? [No.]
8) Does [ profile] billykaplan travel a lot? [Not particularly. Unless you count the kidnapping thing.]
9) If [ profile] staturity had a superpower, what would it be? [She already has one.]
10) Which president would [ profile] lt_legacy be likely to idolize? [George Washington.]
11) Where was [ profile] lt_legacy born? [New York.]
12) What song/movie would you recommend to [ profile] lt_legacy? [Much Ado About Nothing.]
13) How long have you known [ profile] teddyaltman? [We met a little over a month ago, but we've been interacting for maybe about a week.]
14) Which of your friends should [ profile] teddyaltman go out with? [Billy Kaplan, of course!]
15) Would you wrestle [ profile] cute_hats in jello? [Nooooo. Definitely not. She is all of twelve years old.]
16) Could you see [ profile] tommyshepard and [ profile] notahawkingbird together? [If we lock both of them in a closet with Eli, who do you think that Kate would chose?]
17) Are [ profile] runawaywitch and [ profile] lt_legacy going steady? [No.]
18) Where did you first meet [ profile] arsenic_oldlace? [We have not technically met yet.]
19) Does [ profile] teddyaltman have a dog? [No.]
20) Does [ profile] tommyshepard go to your school? [Neither of us are going to school at the moment.]
21) Did [ profile] cute_hats break up with you? [No. We never dated. I am disturbed by the inference that we were.]
22) Is [ profile] teddyaltman friends with [ profile] princeoftarnax? [They might be at some point. After Billy stops clinging to Teddy and growling at Xavin.]
23) If [ profile] fetandfireworks and [ profile] burningpainting were spliced together, what would be its name? ["Aaagh, my eyes, they burn!", if you asked their opponents.]
24) What would [ profile] fetandfireworks give [ profile] teddyaltman for his/her birthday? [A book of X-Men's autographs.]
25) If [ profile] mamaslilcyborg were hanging off a cliff, what would [ profile] getaway_man do? [Snark at him and help pull him up.]
26) If [ profile] lt_legacy took over the world, who would be happy? [Kate Other super heroes?]
27) Is [ profile] getaway_man a college student? [No.]
28) Is [ profile] billykaplan a high school student? [Yes.]
29) Thoughts on [ profile] princeoftarnax? [It will be interesting to talk to an alien who is not trying to kidnap Teddy.]
30) Would [ profile] runawaywitch and [ profile] notahawkingbird make a good couple? [Tommy would think so.]

Date: 2006-05-08 01:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
If I ever take over the world, I'm banning closets.

Date: 2006-05-08 05:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am not in denial. Tommy and I do not look alike.


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