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Name:Jonas / the Vision II
Birthdate:Feb 2
Website:Transmigration 9
Transmigration 9 RPG journal for the Vision II AKA Jonas.

The Vision belongs to Marvel Comics. Borrowed with respect to them, but no permission from them.

Background: The original Vision was destroyed with the Avenger's Mansion and then brought back by a young, time-traveling Kang the Conqueror, known at the time as Iron Lad. When Iron Lad returned to the future so as to not mangle the timeline, he left his armor to the new Vision that had taken up residence when Iron Lad had downloaded the original Vision's programming into the armor. After some study, Tony Stark (Iron Man) concluded that while this new Vision had all of the physical and emotional capabilities of the old Vision, he had none of the memories or experience, making him yet another superpowered "kid". His brain patterns are based on Iron Lad's, but he is not Iron Lad, to the slight disappointment of the rest of his teammates. The Vision has done research into his past and is doing his best to avoid some of the problems encountered by the previous Vision by setting up fail-safes. He chafes under his forced inactivity and was exceedingly important in rescuing and recruiting Tommy to help save Teddy. Due to his connection with Iron Lad, he has a crush on Cassie/Stature, but since he can't be Iron Lad for her, has altered his appearance to closer to the original Vision.
Personality: Calm, quiet, collected and a little unsure of his place on the team yet. Eager to please others and wants desperately to be part of the "family" team of Young Avengers. Wants to prove that he can be trusted to the Avengers, but is a Young Avenger first.
Affiliation: Young Avengers

Quote (thanks [info]fullmetal_cute!):
Now the world has gone to bed
Darkness wont engulf my head
I can see by infrared
How I hate the night
--Douglas Adams, Life, the Universe, and Everything

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